January 04, 2014. Version 3.6.0 released!
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Fine Metronome

"I am sure lots of people will find it very useful. This in my opinion is a top metronome."
Dan Dirks, a flamenco guitar student from New Zealand

Accurate and Reliable. Fine Metronome gives you audio and visual reference with amazing accuracy on your PC or laptop. Due to the special "time dither" algorithm, the metronome performes absolutely correctly even on blast tempos up to 999 BPM. It's truly a reference metronome!

Easy to use. You cannot think of more simple way to define musical meters then in Fine Metronome. You can enter the meter in convinient notation, like 3+2, or arrange strong and weak accents on a grid.

Handy. Fine Metronome interface is streamlined to less distract you from the playing. Using hotkeys or joystick (gamepad), you can control the metronome without even looking at the display.

Nice sound. Fine Metronome ships with a dozen of carefully chosen sounds. But you can load any file in .wav format, and there are millions of percussion sounds on Internet!

Visual. Beats are counted with a flashing light in a separate window. It can be resized even to the full screen.

Customizable. Although everything works nice in the default mode, you may customize almost every aspect of the metronome to suit your needs.

Professional. Need to insert a click track into your multitrack editor session? Or have it in your mp3 player? Fine Metronome can export sound in the .wav and .mp3 formats.